Scope, Monitoring & Measurement

Non-Road Diesel Emissions Program

Western Stevedoring has been an active participant on the Technical Advisory Group for the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority’s (VFPA) Non-Road Diesel Emissions (NRDE) program since planning began in 2009.

The NRDE program is designed to support the VFPA’s air emission objectives, while meeting the business needs of tenants. Since 2015 the NRDE has mandated fees for tenants who operate or permit operation of older, non-road diesel equipment on federal land leased from the VFPA. It also requires tenants to develop a fuel efficiency plan, implement an idle reduction policy, and meet opacity requirements.

For more information on the NRDE program, visit the VFPA website.

Electric Lift Truck Program

Western replaced 10 of our fossil fuel–burning lift trucks with electric-powered lift trucks. Used primarily to unload rail cars, these electric lift trucks help reduce GHGs, noise pollution, air pollution and the use of fossil fuels.


Noise Monitoring

We understand that port operations can produce noise, which may affect the surrounding community.

Community concerns are taken seriously. The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority (VFPA) regularly monitors and measures noise through its noise-monitoring program.

For more information on the noise monitoring program, visit the VFPA website.