CVS Cruise Victoria Sightseeing

CVS Cruise Victoria Ltd. is a mid-sized motor coach company operating in Victoria, BC, Canada, offering high quality sightseeing tours of the Victoria area using a fleet of modern motor coaches and double decker buses. CVS also provides transportation services to Princess Cruise Lines passengers arriving at the Port of Victoria.


CVS is proud to be the first Canadian company to operate an electric double decker bus manufactured by GreenPower, supporting its strong commitment to the environment, community, and the future.

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Coast2000 Terminals

Coast2000 is the leading, and largest, third-party logistics export service provider for the pulp and paper, lumber, and international shipping line (marine container) industries. The company’s customer base includes 10 major international forest product companies, all container steamship lines calling at the Port of Vancouver, and a number of smaller, non-forest product customers.


By integrating road, rail and barge networks with ocean containers, Coast2000 has developed a highly successful business and service model. Its facility has a 30 acre container storage yard adjacent to a 260,000 square foot export stuffing facility, and is strategically positioned equidistant from all deep water container terminals at the Port of Vancouver.

By matching cargo with containers, Coast2000 has eliminated thousands of truck trips annually, providing a cost benefit and competitive advantage to customers, as well as a positive environmental benefit to the community.

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Associated Stevedoring

subsidaries-associatedAssociated Stevedoring provides full service stevedoring services at all BC ports, specializing in grain, logs and steel cargoes. The company leads the industry in log-loading activities, currently loading 100% of all logs in BC.

As a service contractor to Western, Associated Stevedoring’s operations, management and customer service activities are fully aligned with Western Stevedoring.

Associated is committed to providing cost-effective operations by optimizing workforce safety and productivity. The company has developed an innovative, automated process for releasing log heads, and plays an active role in the development and introduction of training initiatives with the BC Maritimes Employers Association (BCMEA) and the International Longshore & Warehouse Union (ILWU).